Trash to Treasure By: Haydee Latonja

Searching for inspiration, I  took a moment to look through my collection of Martha Stewart’s glossy magazines (I determined that making my own chocolate Easter bunnies in antique molds was not in the cards for me this year-AGAIN!) and was inspired by her choices in Spring/Easter colors.  I’ve never been able to pull off pastels very well, so here’s what pulled my focus:Marthas-Bunnies Orange in Spring speaks to me.  As usual, I had to make a few modifications to Martha’s idea, and since my house in Connecticut is closed for the Season (I KID!), I shopped my house:  I reused the Valentine’s Day faux flowers and bought tulips  (I can’t grow flowers, and if I do, its purely by happenstance so this is where Michael’s saves the day) also reused an Irish Oat Meal as a vase.  I love the graphics and colors. Digging around in my cupboards for anything that might work for the mantle in lieu of actual vases:  Here’s what I came up with:Spring-Mantle-2012-final Close-up-water-carafe-on-mantle-final1
All of the candle holders, pitchers and containers all cost less than $3 a piece…the little votives were .50.  Thriftiness = Winning.  Among the other things I “collect” are antique books with beautiful technicolor covers…this travel book holds 99% of its appeal for me because of the fantastic cover..IMG_4379-2012-03-28-at-12-56-30 So, it may not rival Martha’s fresh tulip ensemble, and there’s not a hand-poured chocolate bunny anywhere nearby, but I think it still says Spring, don’t you?

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