Trash to Treasure By: Haydee Latonja

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted a vanity. A good and proper vanity. Something like this:


For some strange reason, vanities went out of favor (I blame the advent of the gigantic bathroom) and the dream semi-died.  Until I found this:image

She was a terrific deal ($15) but her shapely legs could have used a respectable length skirt.  I hoped to have bonus-round luck finding a suitable fabric for next-to-nothing, but months went by and I couldn’t find any fabric that fit the criteria (lots of it and cheaper than cheap).  My luck finally turned a few weeks ago when I picked up two heavy silk lined curtain panels at The Salvation Army for $4.  TWO 96′ long curtain panels for $4!  (I practiced my casual nonchalance before walking in and when I saw them, I nearly blew my facade of cool).

When I saw how much curtain I was going to have to be cut to fit properly in my window, the light bulb went off..image

I was truly pushing my good luck by attempting to get a window treatment AND a vanity skirt out of my $4 purchase. But the amount I had to cut in order to make the curtain fit the window was more than enough to cover the legs, and since I had two panels, I had one for each side of the table.   I measured carefully so that my cut would be even (careful to account for the pleats) and then hemmed.

The pleats already in the curtain panel looked like a special design element exclusively for the vanity table.  I used a roll of adhesive velcro to fasten the skirt to the table.  The adhesive of the velcro also stuck to the fabric remarkably well,  so I was able to avoid sewing it in place in case I ever wanted to change the skirt.image

What do you think? Now I just need to stop buying my fancy perfumes at Target and the grocery store and then Ms. Harlow and I will truly do this vanity justice.  (I stretched every last penny out of those $4 bucks!)

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