Trash to Treasure By: Haydee Latonja

I have fallen completely in love with Pinterest.  Collecting pictures of beautiful places, things, and crafts I’m not likely to attempt any time soon, or more likely, EVER, makes me happy.  The lack of time (and often motivation) in my life does not get me down, but rather fuels my imagination.  Mission accomplished, Pinterest!  There was one craft in particular that pulled my focus for its creativity and effectiveness:0dde5be087137653b1fc0bcdaf9ac127(Pinterest Photo credit)

Seems very effective when you have a large wall to fill and don’t have artwork that you love at the ready.  I decided to give this one a try and set out to find a curtain.  Marshalls to the rescue, for $9.99:photo1My Dad built a simple wooden frame to stretch this curtain on (stapled into place, what could be easier?).  We dropped the ball on doing a step-by-step tutorial, but from my understanding, its very straightforward.  There’s a tutorial for basic frame construction here:

(These instructions are for a wooden picture frame, but since this won’t be seen, you can use basic wood scraps.)

We had a “slight” miscommunication however, and this is what resulted:photo-2-1

So, because there are no walls that can accommodate this, we had to make a slight adjustment and make it a bit smaller (so it would fit inside the door without having to remove the roof from the house!)photo2

A Pinterest success story that now hangs in our space at On a Whim Antiques (  Take a look!photo3

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