Trash to Treasure By: Haydee Latonja

My love of spray paint cannot be understated. When I found this beauty, I knew that I’d be visiting Home Depot in short order: 599924_476022672426955_824923561_n

Looking towards Spring (it can’t come soon enough), I took a leap of faith and…chandelier-distance


ORANGE!  I had the chandelier shades already (the benefit of being a “collector”).

I have no available space on my ceiling to hang another hardwire lamp (seriously, you can’t be very tall in my house), so my Dad rewired it as a pendant.  And who DOESN’T have a bird cage hanger just sitting around the house? (Somebody had thrown this beauty AWAY.  I know, again, I was at the right place at the right time.)  One more look…close-up-chandelier

Spray paint:  The DIY miracle….

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