This weeks Fashion Tips from: Beth Roy

Fashion Tips: Beth Roy

Spring is here (thank God) and with it comes occasions requiring the perfect dress.  I for one have a somewhat-significant, large-number (i.e.old), College Reunion this June.  Unlike prior reunions (that were marked by throwback fraternity parties in dark bar rooms), this one includes a sophisticated cocktail party.    Most of us get this type of invite and go on a mad-dash, stress-ridden shopping trip.  Let’s be honest, we all know good decisions rarely result under pressure.   My advice is instead to be proactive.   When you are shopping  (and not under pressure to buy) and see a dress you love; a dress that “speaks to you” – BUY IT.


Which leads me to the next point: style.  The best dresses are the ones that never go out of style.  Sorry if I sound l like your mom, but she was right on this one.  Leave the ultra trendy styles and embellishments to items like fun tops or accessories.  The perfect dress really never goes out of style.  Think back to the dresses of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.  You get the point.


The next consideration that we women just love to hash out is body type.  We often get caught up in the “what’s the best deal I can get” or “it has to be black, pink, green or _____(pick your color)” – rather than taking the time to figure out what kind of dress silhouette actually looks the best you.


Here are some of the most popular (and classic) styles of dresses along with tips on the best body type for each.  You can find shopping links for each dress here:



1.  Shift Dress – Hangs from the shoulder down in a straight line with no waistline accentuation. This style is ideal for ladies who want to hide their belly region. This is also a very comfortable style to wear as it glides over your body.pic1

2.  Sheath Dress – One of the most popular cuts for a dress. Features a figure-hugging silhouette with a slightly defined waist creating and body skimming effect. Any body type can pull off a cut like this, it’s just finding your perfect size and making sure it fits all of your beautiful body curves.pic2

3.  Drop Waist Dress:  Disguise a thick waist by raising, lowering or eliminating the waistline. This dress works by hiding the waist with a drop waist.pic3

4.  Dresses with Open Necklines:  Balance a top-heavy figure by opting for a flattering neckline for the full bust like V-neck, square neck or scoop neck. Look for fabrics that skim (jersey is good), but aren’t too clingy or too stiff.pic4

5.  Halter Dress: Have great arms and shoulders?  I think nothing isore flattering that a great halter dress.  If you are self-conscious of your hips or bottom, go with a fuller skirt and draw attention to your fabulously sculpted arms.pic5

6.  Wrap Dress – Front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other that ties wrap around the waist. Perfect for creating an effect of a smaller stomach. A classic staple!pic6




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