Trash to Treasure By: Haydee Latonja another side of the road find…

I am genetically incapable of driving by the curbside treat, no matter how rough and pitiful it may look through the window of my car (my Dad and sister are my picking spotters, so you can see, it runs in the family).  This behemoth, in all of its glorious putty-ness, sang a siren song I couldn’t refuse:IMG_20041t wasn’t until I got home that I realized that this was the one thing I actually needed for my work space:  a place in which to store all of the tricks of my trade (OR all of my favorite knick-knacks..they’re a nightmare to dust, but they make my house a home).IMG_3591-2012-02-23-at-17-17-26-1(Incidentally, the file cabinets were painted and covered with contact paper..and the desk surface is a plywood door.  Necessity is the mother of invention!)

I decided to paint the hutch the same yellow as the file cabinets, thinking ‘What could be easier?’
yellow-hutchWell, it didn’t “quite” match.  Hello, Yellow Submarine! So on to plan B.  When in doubt, go with white (plus I figured that would match the TJ Maxx contact paper I used to cover the front of the cabinets..)Hutch-Open-vertical

I raided the $1 bins at Michaels and found the perfect knobs…Close-up-knob

And Voila! All the goodies are tucked away!Desk-with-Closed-Hutch1

Is it any wonder I ALWAYS stop for curbside treasure?

Trash To Treasure By: Haydee Latonja

Notorious among my family and friends for killing every bit of live vegetation that has ever had the misfortune of ending up in my house, I am an eternal optimist and continue to find a way to include them in my life.  A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of some beautiful succulents growing in a old coffee can.  Coincidentally, a very similar one was gracing my mantle at that very moment:photo-8

Disclaimer, I know my way around a Home Depot, but in the lawn and garden section, I get a little disoriented.  A friend was kind enough to point me in the right direction and show me exactly what to do to actually stand a chance of having my plants live for more than 24 hours.Here’s what you do:  Add a base of horticulture charcoal to the base of the can to absorb excess moisture and prevent rusting of the  can and then plant the succulents in cactus mix (which is sold in the Indoor Plants section of Home Depot, where these succulents are found).  Evidently these plants grow well when planted closely together and the best part is that they only need a small amount of water once a week.  Do the finger test:  check the soil once a week, if the soil is dry, water a little bit, if the dirt is moist, leave it be.  You can layer the top of the soil with shells or small rocks to pack down the fluffy soil.
Here’s my finished masterpiece:
imageSo don’t be afraid, black thumb-ers everywhere, we can do this!  (I’m keeping all of my fingers crossed that this story has a happy ending, but I love it so far!)

Trash to Treasure By: Haydee Latonja

I do solemnly promise that this is my last spray paint post for a while…In my defense, I found something this week that just SCREAMED my name and that of my DIY BFF, Spray Paint. photo4

I was inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest:155796468330916585_Y6rbfkay_cTrophies are usually found for $2 or $3 dollars at your local Thrift Store and spray paint is equally budget friendly, so this seemed like a no-brainer.  I chose the colors below mostly because I already had them in my stash.  (I like to invest as little as possible on these little projects..who doesn’t?)photo-2And here’s the Ta-DAH moment:photo-8photo-7Keeping my eyes peeled for more composers…and trophies…I’m not sure you can ever have too many..


Trash to Treasure By: Haydee Latonja

I have fallen completely in love with Pinterest.  Collecting pictures of beautiful places, things, and crafts I’m not likely to attempt any time soon, or more likely, EVER, makes me happy.  The lack of time (and often motivation) in my life does not get me down, but rather fuels my imagination.  Mission accomplished, Pinterest!  There was one craft in particular that pulled my focus for its creativity and effectiveness:0dde5be087137653b1fc0bcdaf9ac127(Pinterest Photo credit)

Seems very effective when you have a large wall to fill and don’t have artwork that you love at the ready.  I decided to give this one a try and set out to find a curtain.  Marshalls to the rescue, for $9.99:photo1My Dad built a simple wooden frame to stretch this curtain on (stapled into place, what could be easier?).  We dropped the ball on doing a step-by-step tutorial, but from my understanding, its very straightforward.  There’s a tutorial for basic frame construction here:

(These instructions are for a wooden picture frame, but since this won’t be seen, you can use basic wood scraps.)

We had a “slight” miscommunication however, and this is what resulted:photo-2-1

So, because there are no walls that can accommodate this, we had to make a slight adjustment and make it a bit smaller (so it would fit inside the door without having to remove the roof from the house!)photo2

A Pinterest success story that now hangs in our space at On a Whim Antiques (  Take a look!photo3

Trash to Treasure By: Haydee Latonja

Middle of the week garage sales are the spice of life.  (Well, my life, anyway.)  I found this “beauty” for $5 as I was leaving empty handed: photo


My girl has been wanting a “locker” in her room for a while, so this seemed like a great candidate.  As usual, spray paint saved the day.  Well, spray paint and some vintage locker numbers I bought on Etsy (they set me back a total of $7):photo-1A couple of cans of orange spray paint, a power tool and…locker-final-front-354x1024front-view-doors1-670x1024She couldn’t be happier with it.  And naturally, when you open the doors, all you find inside is a mess.  As you can see, she’s well on her way to being a teenager…