Summer Fun Oh My!






OK, Well again I made my trip to Bjs Wholesale club…It’s that time of the year that I need to stock up on summer goods. We just put a pool in this year and I am finding there are so many cool things out at Bjs to entertain during the summer. I was on a mission for towels and sunscreen but came across their outdoor furniture and accessories. I had to snatch up their storage box they had, made of heavy duty plastic but with a wicker look, Fabulous.

This box will hold everything our pool vac,toys,goggles. The price under $100 REALLY? It was  an instant connection with a purpose…Not like those pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing..OK “Squirrel” getting back on track. Bjs wholesale club has everything I need. I am like a kid in a candy store…

Anyways…I find myself filling my cart with so many amazing Summer Finds and I can’t stop filling it…My husband UGH!  I’ll try and hide the new purchases even though that pool storage box is one that’s gonna really have to bring out my creativity of negotiations as to the need…Haha I’ll make it happen 🙂  He’s a good egg (All good) So what the heck are you waiting for, get over to Bjs and see for yourself why I think it is filled to the brim with fabulous Finds… Oh and by the way Happy Shopping and Happy Summer!