Trash to Treasure By Haydee Latonja

I fell in love with Pinterest almost immediately, there’s something so satisfying about categorizing and admiring pictures of everything you can possibly imagine and having it all at your fingertips.  A few months ago I stumbled on this:a157c7f39e5acb1eb52883f0ea11b982

 had paint and wood at the ready, and ran out to find my animal inspiration.  I found them for $2.50 a piece at Jo-Ann Fabrics.   As usual, my Dad, the MacGyver of home projects, had the exact type of wood I needed, so he cut and sanded the pieces I needed to hold my

I sprayed both the animals and the blocks with a couple of quick coats of spray paint (the paint adhered to the plastic with no problems whatsoever) and Gorilla Glued the animals to the blocks….and for approximately $8 total we have our new bookends….