Summer Finds on NBC Morning Show CT

WOW! Finally Summer…I searched for some items to feature on NBC this past weekend,It’s obvious I would  feature Bathing Suits,Flip Flops,Hats and Sunscreen,what about thinking outside the box? How about Fly Fishing,Thule Roof Boxes, Accessories and Portable Seating??? Well those are the products I chose to feature and for good reasons…


Orvis products has been a staple in my house, growing up having been brought up by a dad who was the president of our towns fish and game club. Every night I looked forward to him coming home from work so he could take me to the club and fish for hours. I will never forget the day he taught me how to fly fish. We started out on the front lawn then slowly moved to the water. I loved the sport peaceful and relaxing are the  words that come to mind not to mention the excitement you get when you hook a fish.

I took my husband and son to Orvis because they offer free fly fishing classes 101 and 102 and I too needed to get back into the sport. We were all hooked (No pun intended) my 10 year old hasn’t stopped, everyday my husband takes him and they spend hours together. This is why I chose to feature Orvis fly rods,waders and boots I truly think it’s a great outdoor sport to start with your own family… So think about it this summer, it gets you outdoors and you will be amazed by our beautiful rivers and lakes CT has to offer…Check out and see when their next classes are…You too will be HOOKED!


Packing for your summer adventure only to find out your car can’t fit another thing…Also you have lost the kids in the mix because they are swallowed up by the all the bags…This is why I chose to feature Thule Roof Box,not only in my opinion are  they the best company out there in this category but they truly have tackled this market in an innovative way. I featured the Sonic XL. I chose this Box because of the aero dynamic design. the aero nose reduces sound and drag and the sleekness of this box is like no other,not to mention it opens on ether side and offers a secure lock system, huge bonus.  Then I featured their amazing Chasm Duffels these are the “Mack Daddy” of duffel bags, not only do they have a large mouth opening to fit all your gear and fit perfectly in your roof box for easy transport but they convert into a backpack so these make for an  added bonus on your next camping or hiking trip…They come in 5 sizes and 5 colors I LOVE these rugged durable and quality bags! Did I forget to tell you they are located here in CT? Check them out at


41dbF+p3aNLWell this company is the Bomb!  They have tackled the outdoor industry with their portable camping and outdoor products…I featured their portable Freestyle Rocker…I love this because it has Patent-Pending rock shocks…These chairs don’t have the standard arched legs like all rockers have…This rocks while you on a flat surfce using standard legs FABULOUS!…I  must mention the easy fold system on the seat, lift the handle and you are off to a Parade,Cook out,Camping Trip,Boating Adventure,Beach and Tailgating Day …The possibilities are endless…GCIOutdoor another CT based company is always creating innovative  products that are must have in every household…Check them out