Who doesn’t love Organic?  Well I must share a hidden treasure that offers tons of organic all under one roof…Where,you ask? Bj’s Wholesale club Oh My! They have so many choices  I was amazed for a Wholesale Club…I have shopped at all the competitors,  Bjs clearly stands above the rest not just by showcasing Organic from Brands I recognize like Horizon and applegate, Newmans Own,BuddyFruits, to name a few…  One thing that I loved that no other wholesale club offers is a deli counter and again I was able to get applegate products there…I love the fact that my Ham and Turkey are nitrate free…One stop shopping is key especially when you have a couple of kids in tow.

Snacks, you can get Organic Annies treats, Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies that are delicious,Organic dried fruits and raw nuts even Organic Fair trade coffee.  Oh  and check out the meats…Organic Grass fed Hey, paleo junkies are you listening???If you haven’t been to BJs  grab a day pass and explore the fun filled isles.Perk…If you have COUPONS, they accept them  Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about…

With the summer fast approaching grab some applegate hot dogs for the grill…Best part NO NITRATES… So check them out for yourself truly a Fabulous Find and a place I will venture out week after week because they are always offering new varieties…If your lucky you might even get to sample a few treats…Win,Win

I took this picture when I was there…Love it! Check them out…Find a location close to you...Bjs Wholesale Club @bjswholesale #Organic #bjswholesale