Fashion Tips By: Beth Roy

Figuring out Hemline Confusion


Most of us (and by “us”, I purposely exclude supermodels and adolescent girls) want to make our legs look longer, right?  So why would we cut them off at the widest part of the shortest section?  Skirts that hit at mid calf do just that, and they aren’t flattering on most of us, period.

Here’s a general hemline rule of thumb to simplify things:

If you are petite, aim for the TOP of the knee cap.
If you are tall, aim for the BOTTOM of the knee cap.

Of course there will be exceptions and variations depending on the size of your frame and height of your heel, but when in doubt, aim for the knee.

Which reminds me.  The other day a (very fit & flirty) friend told me she hates her knees.  Aren’t we women funny with the way we focus on a perceived “flaw” that no other else would ever notice?  But we all have our “thing”— mine is my veiney calves, and it’s taken me years to finally ignore them and wear shorts.   Anyway, if you really hate your knees, hem your skirts to just the bottom of your knee cap, but no lower. Or go with a maxi skirt that falls to your ankles and pair it with some fabulous high wedge heels.  Another flirty option if you hate your legs?  Long, flowing, wide-leg pants with a pair killer high heels.

Here’s another tip from someone who has leg issues (did I mention my veins?) –  Jergen’s Natural Glow is your new best friend.  Start using it now, and you’ll be ready to bare your legs when/if the spring weather finally gets here.


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Go ahead…Find your inner flirt.




Flirty Fashion Tips By: Beth Roy

What is flirty?  What do you think of when you hear the word?  When we say, “Find your inner flirt”, we don’t mean go out and throw yourself at the mailman, or wear leopard pumps to the playground.  Your inner flirt is the you that feels confident and content; the you that feels like a million bucks.  You’re comfortable, you’re polished, and best of all, you’re happy.  You’re flirty!

The simple fact is that most women staying at home, either with kids or with a computer, often don’t feel very flirty.  We’re busy doing everything for everyone else and we dedicate very little time to ourselves.  When we do, we feel guilty, but that’s a whole other blog.

I don’t know who said, “When you look good, you feel good”, but truer words were never spoken.  We’ve all had the feeling of an outfit that looks great on us.  It just works, and when it does, you feel like you can take on the world.  The thing is, it’s really not all that hard to achieve and it certainly doesn’t have to make you slash your Starbucks budget or forgo college for the kids to get there. [Read more…]

Thursday Fashion Tips from: Beth Roy

The Great White Shirt

I love statement jewelry in all the gorgeous spring colors, but the question is – what to wear so the accessories look fresh, chic and sophisticated.  The answer?  The perfect white shirt.

You need two white shirts:

  1. A basic white t-shirt in a great cut with a v or scoop neck – whichever you prefer.
    I like this one from Banana Republic because it is opaque and thicker than most and at $22 you can grab a few. It comes in vneck or crew.


  1. Every wardrobe also needs the perfect white button-down shirt. It has to be fitted, and it must be crisp!  It used to be that white shirts would be worn once and then linger for weeks in the ironing pile. (Does anyone iron anymore?)  Thankfully, non-iron technology is here and leave it to Banana Republic to make it affordable.

*Extra tip:  Don’t wear a white bra under a white shirt…instead try to match your bra to your skin tone with a nude color.

PicMonkey Collage


Now, head on over to FlirtyFinds  and check out the Flirty Trios we’ve put together for you and add one to your white shirt ~ voila!   flit

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Go ahead…Find your inner flirt.