Power back on….

OMG I never realized how much I need and use technology on a day to day basis. After losing power for 4 days I thought that this would be a great way to pull out the board games,play in house flash light tag,roast marshmallows on my gas stove.  Well, everything was great for the first night then it went down hill quick. My kids were going through withdrawals from Internet,video games etc. I needed to tweet,add fab finds to my fb page post about my workouts I had to escape and head to my sisters…So I packed up everyone including the dog and off we went to have a little family time. I walked into a house filled with the most amazing smell (Whoopie Pies) were baking in the oven. I thought I was going to have a panic attack I can’t eat one and I thought that even if I smelled them I might gain a pound. Then the pizza order was placed if my life couldn’t get any worse. There is nothing like veggie pie with a Stella & lemon wedge. I was so good though and didn’t cave I told my sister to order me a honking big salad with grilled chicken.

The night went without a hitch kids slept great and halfway through the next day power was back on. I did a crazy happy dance and back to Cromwell we went. Workouts going strong I actually enjoyed it today but I am doing back to back,  tomorrow I workout again and weigh in. Kevin isn’t around Friday so Thursday it is. I need to step it up  I am supposed to lose 2 lbs this week fingers crossed. I will get on my treadmill later today… Working on Fab Finds for Fall so stay tuned,,, Also make sure you check out Accelerated Fitness

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