Listerine Teaming with the Tooth Fairy (Wink) Polke Family Challenge

Craziness! That’s what my kids say when they have to do their daily routine of brushing their teeth.  I teamed up with Listerine and learned the importance of teaching my kids the proper way of brushing and how Gum disease is becoming a huge problem kids are facing and these problems can lead to other health issues. So I was willing to take the Listerine challenge with my kids. So off to the store I went to purchase a chart I could create with all 3 of my kids names as well as a timer I could leave on their bathroom counter.

They were actually excited to receive new rinse flavors and new brushes to get them started on their challenge. I have to say, “Thank You” Listerine for sending a box of goodies for my kids to try.  This was a great kick off to this month-long challenge. I thought it was going to be  struggle but it actually started out without a hitch.

I really think the chart helped because I created a star reward, for every 10 stars they can pick a prize. My kids are good brushers but now that they have a time allotted to them it’s a little more difficult because they were used to brushing quick,rinsing I am noticing a big difference with the timer. I also find too that it gives me more time to talk to them about their day. Some of their answers I don’t understand due to the rinse or toothpaste in their mouth but I do my best to have BIG ears…

I will be following back up with all of you with Pictures and more information about Listerine’s products that we were able to test. I will let you all know my kids favorite flavors…New post coming next week so stay tuned…

#sweetsmart So far so good!


Disclosure: Listerine provided product for my family to test and at no time will this create a false post, these are all my own words and reviews.

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