Libby’s Fruit cups and soccer mom Brandi Chastain are a great duo…

I have to share with you some information about a product I just received. I was contacted to try Libby’s single serve fruit cups I was up for the challenge…I always think fresh or frozen fruits when shopping or t a local market so this was something I was on the fence but I then took the time to read the ingredients. Natural,No Corn Syrup or xtra sugar added. I decided to dive in…Living in the NorthEast Fruits start to die down and if you live here you know we have apples,apples and more apples…I find anything that comes from other countries and travels many miles just doesn’t seem as fresh as they do when in season Locally. So I began to decide which fruit cup to try first should I pick Mixed fruit,diced Peaches,Cherry mixed fruit, Hmmm diced pears were my first choice, after peeling the lid I could tell I was in for a treat… OH MY! the flavor was delish and it truly had a fresh taste and not too sweet.

CONVENIENCE  is the first thing that popped in my head after trying it. I am a mom of 3 kids and we are always on the go.  Most days we have 3 sometimes 4 soccer games having these single snacks are a perfect balance for them. My oldest daughter (13) has Type 1 Diabetes and anyone who knows about diabetes knows that we base everything on Carbs and these single serving cups are a little high in carbs 39g for a small serving after looking closely the sugar count is  27g for 6 oz some might say high, but when eating it not too sweet (just remember to Bolus). I would give these 4 stars out of 5

Now comes the tie in with Brandi Chastain do you remember her?  She is the famous and talented  professional female soccer player from the 1999 World Cup games.This photo is my favorite and if you never saw this game please research on-line and watch it truly amazing one word (Goose Bumps).

Brandi and Libby’s Fruit have partnered up to promote healthy snacking and an active lifestyle for kids. Brandi has put together 5 tips that she is sharing across the country at many different events. I guess this would make her the ultimate soccer mom!

I will be meeting Brandi this Saturday and will be tweeting about my time with her LIVE.   I can’t wait to talk with her and hear all about her soccer journeys. Don’t worry I will  share photos of the event along with my experience. I will be doing a GIVEAWAY so keep a look out early next week.



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