How Sweet and Simple!



OH My! I just received a package of sweetness. As some of you have read in past posts I have reviewed many chocolates from very delicate and refined to really messy and gooey…The treats I received came from Hershey’s new collection of Simple Pleasures…I dove right into to the Dark Chocolate bag first. I love Hershey’s dark chocolate and always have  a bar hidden in my secret drawer ( In My kitchen shhhhh). When I popped the little round morsel in my mouth the taste was to “die for delish”,the creamy chocolate center the flavor of dark chocolate was oh so  satisfying.

Yes, I did pop more than one in my mouth but knew I had to move on and try the other two bags begging to be opened and enjoyed, milk chocolate with chocolate creme was my next choice. I must say good but the Dark chocolate was still holding a special place in my heart. To change things up and tone it down from the all chocolate choices I turned to the Milk chocolate with Vanilla Creme a pleasure I must add…Want to know the added perk of these little yummy treats, Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates have 30 percent less fat than the average leading milk chocolates. Can we all say Fabulous!


So make sure to check out Hershey Pleasures FB page.


  • Hershey invites you to celebrate “Sweet Independence” this summer with the introduction of its new product, Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates, a delicious chocolate with 30 percent less fat than the average of the leading milk chocolates.
  • Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates give you “Sweet Independence” to enjoy delicious chocolate and feel great about loving it.
  • Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates encourage you to sign the Declaration of “Sweet Independence,” prompting you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and live a balanced lifestyle.
  • Men and women can sign the declaration on the Hershey’s Facebook page noting what they are celebrating their independence from.

Happy Summer



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