Suh-weeeet! That’s what hoops&yoyo fans might say when they hear the success story of these loveable Hallmark-designed characters. First created in 2001, the hoops&yoyo brand has grown to over 200 online animations and an average of one million page views per month over 50 million FREE e-cards have been sent at hoopsandyoyo.com. since 2004.

The characters first came to life when artist Bob Holt was challenged to create a 4th of July e-card animation using only a firecracker. Up against a tight deadline, Bob started with a little green bunny he had already created at home. The green bunny transformed into hoops, a pink kitty with enormous eyes and an unusually large head plunked on an unusually small body. When hoops eventually needed a pal, the original green bunny came back to life as yoyo.

In 2004, Holt decided the characters needed voices, so he rallied fellow Hallmark Cards artist Mike Adair. The pair agreed to stay true to the spontaneity of the characters by recording fresh, fun audio without the aid of a script, armed only with coffee, donuts and an occasional diet soda. Adair is the voice of hoops and Holt animates both characters and is the voice of yoyo.

hoops is the ultimate joker and an avid music lover. He uses any excuse to execute his brilliant ideas in playful, sometimes mischievous, ways. Knowing his best friend yoyo has his back, he’s free to rush forward and pursue any idea that pops into his head. Eternally optimistic, hoops always believes everything will work out in the end. He loves to tell stories, but like most of his ideas, they tend to jump around and evolve as he’s telling them, creating some wildly zany plots and twists.

yoyo is hoops’ best friend and they go everywhere together. With his thoughtful nature, and being a romantic at heart, yoyo feels better when friends are near. Also playful and energetic, yoyo is always willing to help his buddy put a plan into action no matter how crazy or harebrained the scheme. He loves the exciting new world that hoops leads him into, but sometimes longs for things that are more meaningful and traditional. yoyo has a serious sweet tooth and finds it impossible to resist candy in any form.

piddles, a little blue critter, often joins hoops&yoyo in a little-sister-like role. She loves to sing, has a special place in her heart for animals, and speaks fluent Spanish.

The characters are continuing to pop up in the coolest places on the planet. In 2009 they debuted their own line of pajamas at Kmart®, with sales that exceeded expectations. Holt and Adair also greeted lines of fans at their debut autograph session at San Diego’s famed Comic-Con show, followed up with an invitation to host their own “Day at the K” in Kansas City, MO, while rooting on their favorite baseball team, the Royals.

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