Heather would like to feature your Product/Service on TV

The Fabulous Finds will now have a weekly segment on #1 CT Lifestyle show BetterCT , I’ve been a contributor for 2 1/2 years, I will be featuring products and services weekly as well as showcasing “6 Fab Deals” on my “Fab Deals” segments

In my live segments for BetterCT, I feature six Fab deals that are exclusive to our viewers for two days. (The Fab Deals will be mentioned on air and the information will all be listed on thefabulousfinds.com.) When I am not showcasing “Fab Deals” I showcase Local Businesses and Beyond that I feel are a Fabulous Find. My followers look for the next best thing and I am always on the hunt to find it and when I do I promote my findings all over the Internet and Television.

I’ve promoted World known brands and I’ve introduced my followers and friends to up and coming small Local businesses. It’s all about finding the hidden treasure and creating a fabulous buzz. Everyone loves a Deal,why not have The Fabulous Finds promote yours. Contact heather@thefabulousfinds.com for more information or to submit your product

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