Heather Polke of

Cromwell, Connecticut is all about the “find.” Talk about some synergy here, she is speaking my language. The tag line to her blog calledThe Fabulous Finds is “finding the good in life.”

Two years ago this mother of three

started to blog about all of what she finds. Included on her web site, fashion, what to eat, and how to entertain. Heather has an eye for the

“different” and also for household items that might be just coming onto the market. She is not shy about calling up the company and getting

them to send her a product so she can try it out and write about it. This goes for food too and anything else she spies.

Heather says she’s much more expressive

in person and loves talking about items in person, but she got talked into writing about them and set up a blog and her site has taken off.

Heather has already put together one fun review panel of a bunch of women to try out items and it was such a hit she’s thinking of doing it

again. As you would guess she already has a host of volunteers to do the testing. Sounds like a TV show doesn’t it?

By the age of 20 ,Heather started her

first business, it was a children’s consignment store, it was successful and she sold it in five years. Then she started what she called a

“girly girl handbag business.” She would have house parties and those showing up could pick their fabrics and handles and she would have the

purses put together for her guests. Yes, she sold that business too and it still exists. Today it’s called Girly Girl Studios.

After meeting Heather, I would not

underestimate anything she puts her mind too. There is a lot on her horizon and I can’t wait to see where she’s headed next.