Fabulous Apps Friday…


Fig App  I LOve this app…I am someone who doesn’t drink enough water,with this app it reminds me to do  just that. It also tracks my workouts,appointments etc… Head over to their website and learn more oh I forgot to mention this app is FREE  Fig.com, Inc. Web Site



AWS ( All Women Stalk) is a life style app which provides wealth of information about nails, DIY, love, perfumes, diet, skincare, hair, celebrities, cooking, fashion, wedding, gardening, health, hair, jewelry, makeup, Money, parenting, shoes, travel, weight loss and more…




This app offers tons of ways for women to wish their loved ones a “Happy Birthday“. You can send greets on Facebook, via Twitter, through email or even via text message. Simply choose your loved one’s favorite way to be reached and send them a personalized message for their big day! If you can’t be there when they blow out the candles, you’ll at least be there in spirit.


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