Backyard chickens are becoming the next craze…I thought long and hard about this venture and decided with my family that we were going to get baby chicks raise them the eventually have fresh eggs everyday. Our adventure began when we first started looking into Chicken Coops getting familiar with what we needed to keep them safe etc…Predators were our biggest concern, Coyotes,Raccoons,Fox and so on. I did my research and came across this amazing company online called I fell in love with the styles they have to offer.  I chose the 4×6 coop here is why:

Ceiling height 59 in and it sits 14 inches off the ground  Features include :6 Roomy Nesting Boxes and a Double Roost, Keyed Entry Door –  Size: 18in x 49in,Asphalt Shingles, Chicken Door with Latches and Ramp, Hinged Ventilation Lid, Glassboard Floor for an extra layer of protection to the floor surface and easier cleanout, 2 18” x 22” Slider Windows, 4×4 Pressure Treated Runner and Legs. Tech Shield Radiant Barrier Plywood Sheating.  Keeps Coop 30 degrees cooler in warm weather.

Board N Batten Siding  ,   Also available in Painted DuraTemp this is what I chose.

I love that they offer paint and roof choices I was able to select paint colors that went well with my house.

My kids were so excited to begin the process of selecting what type of chicks they wanted. We ordered them from we liked that the chicks were sexted because we can’t have roosters in our neighborhood we only wanted hens…Did you know you do not need a rooster for your hens to lay eggs? So many of my friends asked me that question…

So My Son Jack fell in love with the Rhode Island Red (Rosie),My daughter Isabelle Buff Orpington(Nellie), My other Daughter picked two a Silkie and Easter Egger(April),my Husband wanted a Australorp(Shadie) and I got a Colombian Wyandotte(Nola)  the order is Placed and the chicks arrive to our post office first thing in the morning…



A few days in and we lost our Silkie…I knew they weren’t good with travel that’s why I let Madeline pick too just in case and with a mothers instinct THANK GOODNESS I did…


The coop soon after Arrives…Shipped all the way from Amish country…It was  such a beautiful site when it finally landed at the top of our hill in our backyard. We were all so excited…

After a long summer of these chicks growing in their brooder box it was time to get them in their new home. Isabelle’s chick decided to fly over the top of the coop without us knowing and was taken in the night…Very sad but things are now on the up and up…More chicks are in our future


I would say if chickens are in your future which I highly recommend you will have fund pets that provide you with FRESH eggs and easier then having cats… Please consider for all your coop and chicken needs. They have so much to offer Customer Service and Quality are why we chose to go with them. You will love everything they have to offer:








 So what are you waiting for? Check them out and see for yourself how amazing this company really is.


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