How do I keep my family healthy?

I was just asked the question “How do you keep your kids healthy”? I thought about the question long and hard,everyday I am thinking of ways to  do just that. I have three kids,my oldest daughter is type 1 diabetic so keeping her happy and healthy is something I have to stay on task with everyday from healthy carbs to making sure that whenever we go out of the house I have snacks,Juice,Insulin and that’s just to keep her safe I then have to worry about Flu season,the stomach bug because she doesn’t take to those things lightly unlike a child would with a healthy immune system…

Having a Child with type 1 has actually benefited my two other children as far as keeping there own immune system in check,I am always harping on washing hands,eating good snacks,buying food without High fructose corn syrup,Hydrogenated oils and only buying the best quality Organic food for my family. I do this to keep us all in line as a family and to keep all of us healthy.

I then thought outside the box “Healthy” I make sure to have band aids, first aid creme,water and snacks in my car. How many times I have I been to the park and a skinned knee occurs,or at a soccer game and my youngest always complains of hunger (Growing Boy)…

So now I’m like an oiled machine always keeping my family well and always making sure they are both Happy and HEALTHY!


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