Good Things to know for March…

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in March

Find out how you can save $120 a year on your phone bill, or why now is a great time to get an iPad.
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Spring is (hopefully) at our doorstep, and even if you’re planning to stay glued to the couch for all of March Madness, you’ll also likely be doing a bit of spring shopping. To help you save big, we’ve mined the extensive DealNews archives for sales, coupons, daily deals, and individual products from the past few years to guide you in your quest to make the most savvy purchases this month. From chocolates to iPads, here are the best and worst things to buy in March.

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Treat Yourself to Chocolate

Skip the Lingerie

You may think that immediately after the most romantic day of the year, you’d see huge discounts on lingerie. But, although we do indeed see some price cuts, it’s not really the best time to buy underthings. Instead, wait for June and July; that’s when Victoria’s Secret unveils its famed Semi-Annual Sale, and last year around the same time, we also saw excellent markdowns from a plethora of other retailers like Frederick’s of Hollywood, Maidenform, and Bare Necessities.

It Might Be Time to Cut Your Cable

Cable cutting has long been a hot topic amongst those who want to save on their monthly bills, but we’ve seen a lot of movement lately that makes it all the more doable. Sling TV just launched its live TV Internet service that includes ESPN, ESPN 2, HGTV, and 17 other channels for $20 a month. (More channels are available at an additional cost.) Plus, Hulu added a major player to its rank of programming; starting in April, it’ll be the only subscription video-on-demand service to have all 14 seasons of CSI, as well as new episodes as they air. Even if you’re not ready to cancel cable entirely, it’s become a lot easier to negotiate a cheaper price, as providers are keen on doing whatever they can to keep your business.

Hold Off on Buying Spring Apparel

It’s common knowledge that the best time to buy current season apparel is well after said season has begun. That’s why cold weather apparel is still such a hot buy right now. But how long until you can don the fashionable and cheap short sleeves, shorts, and flirty dresses which have started to filter into stores? A good rule of thumb is to wait at least two to three months into a season in order to score the best discounts on weather-appropriate apparel. In the meantime, if you simply must buy something new for spring now, keep an eye out for coupon codes that offer nominal discounts on whatever must-have full price apparel catches your eye.

Save on Last Year’s Phones, Wait for Discounts on New Models

Mobile World Congress is this month, and many new cell phone models will debut. That means a slew of 2014 models will soon become previous-generation, and will thus see discounts both on and off-contract. Keep in mind however that some of the biggest Android models, like the presumed update to the Samsung Galaxy S5, probably won’t arrive until later this spring. Plus, despite the discounts on older models, it rarely takes long for new phones to see deals, and if you find a new device that strikes your fancy, waiting just a few months should yield a 50% off discount. So if you’re not in a hurry, waiting a few more months to buy a new smartphone might be wise.

Get More Free Shipping at Amazon

In the past, Amazon would offer free shipping on all orders that consisted of $35 or more of Amazon-sold goods; items sold by marketplace vendors at Amazon didn’t count. However, now items sold by third-party merchants that are listed as having free shipping can contribute to your minimum purchase. (Click here for more details.) Some experts believe that this change may actually encourage marketplace vendors to offer free shipping on their wares, resulting in fewer shipping fees across the board.

Keep an Eye Out for Awesome iPad Deals

Last month, Apple revealed that sales of its iPad have been relatively lackluster, which is good news for customers. We took a look at our deals and noticed that 2014 saw a 40% increase in iPad deals, compared to 2013. This suggests that retailers are trying to make the iPad a more tempting purchase, and while this trend isn’t exclusive to just March, we expect deals to get even better as we get closer to the September / October time frame, when the next generation will be announced.

Get $120 Off Your Yearly Verizon Bill

Verizon changed its data plans, making 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, and 4GB options $10 cheaper per month. However, if you’re part of one of these tiers, you won’t get this discount automatically; instead, you’ll just get your data bumped for the same price. But if you’re happy with, say, 1GB of data, and don’t need 2GB per month, you can call Verizon and ask for the cheaper rate instead. That might only be $10 per month, but it translates into $120 in savings across the entire year.

42″ and 55″ LCD TVs Offer The Best Value

We’re hitting a dry season for TV deals, but not all hope is lost for consumers in the need of a new flat-screen. Deals on name-brand 42″ LCDs remain at $300, which is the second-cheapest price we’ve seen for this category in the past year. If you’re on a particularly tight budget, the best deals on off-brand sets of the same size have averaged $237 in the past two months.

If you have the space and budget for a larger set, name-brand 55″ LCDs are again providing the best value in the 55″+ TV size range. The best deals on these LCDs have averaged $500 since the start of the year. Compared to 2014, that’s the second best price we’ve seen for these TVs. The sheer quantity of 55″ TV deals also dwarfs deals on all other screen sizes with over 10x more deals than smaller TV screen sizes. However, off-brand 55″ LCDs have fluctuated in deal price from $250 to $443. To maximize savings, we’d recommend looking for deals closer to the $250 mark. Before you buy anything though, be sure to check out our guide to the biggest myths about buying a TV.

1080p Laptop Deals Hit Their Stride as New Intel CPUs Enter Market

Intel’s fifth generation processor, codenamed Broadwell, is finally hitting the market with full force. And understandably, the first deals we’ve seen on mainstream, 15″ Core i5 configurations with this CPU (which uses less power) have been relatively pricey, with deals averaging around $608.

For a better value, we recommend looking at deals on last year’s Haswell-based machines, which are just as fast. Mainstream 15″ machines in particular continue to enjoy good prices, with deal prices averaging $375 since the start of the year. If you see a deal at or near that price range, we recommend you act quickly on it.

Finally, last month we noticed a steep price drop on 15″ laptops with high-resolution 1080p screens. Prices hit $335, a first for these premium laptops. While it’s unlikely that March will bring a lower price, consumers should remain vigilant because last month’s deal could be a sign that retailers are targeting 1080p laptops for discounts. Excluding last month’s low, the best deals for these laptops have averaged $432 in 2015.

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Thanksgiving Finds…

I LOVE Thanksgiving and have hosted it for past 17 years…So much goes into it…I love to plan my menu and decide where everyone is sitting and then work on our game of What we are “Thankful” for?…

How it works is quite simple…

Everyone writes on a piece of paper what they are Thankful for, every piece  of paper has to be cut in the same size squares so nobody knows…I have some sneaky family members Haha… Then we go around the table and have every person draw a piece of paper we take turns reading out loud and everyone will try and  guess who wrote it…It’s really fun and its a nice family tradition to help us all better understand what everyone is Thankful for… FAMILY is always a big one…


So I was surfing the net to find some fun things for Thanksgiving this year…


I came across this…I thought it was too cute so I have to share…I found it on


So Fun  Right…Check out all of her other ideas for this…

Then I found this from Sally’s Baking

Looks Delish and I can’t wait to make this…Make sure you have a big glass Jug similar to this… Be sure to add a sign that says “Adult Drink”  So the kiddos don’t take any haha


If you don’t have one of these so many stores carry them…Marshalls, TJMaxx, Khols, Macys… They run about $24 the fancy ones are a lot more…

Honeycrisp-Apple-Sangria-Recipe-a-great-cocktail-for-the-fall-season Looks Yummy Right? When you think of Fall/Thanksgiving you think of cinnamon,apples,red wine (At least I do)…OH MY! perfect combo… Head over to

I don’t know abut you but my kids Love,Love sweet potatoes with Marshmallows on top…This year I found a recipe in Country Living magazine and I am going to make it because it’s a little twist on the norm… Maple Meringue Sweet Potatoes OH MY GOODNESSSSS!



The Key to an AWESOME memorable Thanksgiving is the Bird,Right?  I only buy Bell and Evans I am all about feeding my family quality food that has the most minimal processing and no hormones  and always antibiotic free and for so many other reasons that I won’t bore you with… The key I have found to make a truly stay moist and memorable is First Flip it and have breast down NEVER up…The reason the breast has the most meat and sits in the juices during the entire cooking process when breast is up it tends to dry out because the juices are leaving it…I Have NEVER brined my turkey I find it to be a waste of time…Invest in a good Six pack of stout beer…Guinness is my favorite because it creates a Caramelization on the bird…Plus the smell that it will bring throughout you house…You be saying “AHHHHHHHHHH”


So Tips:  Take out bag of yuckiness in bird like the Neck etc…If you make a good gravy then you know to save it… Then you pour a small amount of Guinness or other stout on the bottom of your roasting pan…Then flip your bird and lay it breast down, Now it’s time to stuff the bird…I love the Gluten Free Stuffing at Trader Joes, two boxes fills my 23 pounder…I give it a little kick though by adding Sausage,Apples and chestnuts and of course a little Stout…


Now it’s time to pour a Stout and 1/2 over the bird…NO Butter or anything else…If you want to season I use dried provencal herbs… Cook on 350 for first hour then reduce to 325 and cook for 51/2 hours…Keep in mind that’s for a 23 lb bird…


That’s it, it will be juicy and oh so good…Keep in mind the alcohol  in the beer cooks off so make sure to have plenty chilled along with the sangria I shared and some amazing wines…ENJOY! Have any comments or questions please share below…


Happy Thanksgiving from The Polke Family to yours…

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Backyard chickens are becoming the next craze…I thought long and hard about this venture and decided with my family that we were going to get baby chicks raise them the eventually have fresh eggs everyday. Our adventure began when we first started looking into Chicken Coops getting familiar with what we needed to keep them safe etc…Predators were our biggest concern, Coyotes,Raccoons,Fox and so on. I did my research and came across this amazing company online called I fell in love with the styles they have to offer.  I chose the 4×6 coop here is why:

Ceiling height 59 in and it sits 14 inches off the ground  Features include :6 Roomy Nesting Boxes and a Double Roost, Keyed Entry Door –  Size: 18in x 49in,Asphalt Shingles, Chicken Door with Latches and Ramp, Hinged Ventilation Lid, Glassboard Floor for an extra layer of protection to the floor surface and easier cleanout, 2 18” x 22” Slider Windows, 4×4 Pressure Treated Runner and Legs. Tech Shield Radiant Barrier Plywood Sheating.  Keeps Coop 30 degrees cooler in warm weather.

Board N Batten Siding  ,   Also available in Painted DuraTemp this is what I chose.

I love that they offer paint and roof choices I was able to select paint colors that went well with my house.

My kids were so excited to begin the process of selecting what type of chicks they wanted. We ordered them from we liked that the chicks were sexted because we can’t have roosters in our neighborhood we only wanted hens…Did you know you do not need a rooster for your hens to lay eggs? So many of my friends asked me that question…

So My Son Jack fell in love with the Rhode Island Red (Rosie),My daughter Isabelle Buff Orpington(Nellie), My other Daughter picked two a Silkie and Easter Egger(April),my Husband wanted a Australorp(Shadie) and I got a Colombian Wyandotte(Nola)  the order is Placed and the chicks arrive to our post office first thing in the morning…



A few days in and we lost our Silkie…I knew they weren’t good with travel that’s why I let Madeline pick too just in case and with a mothers instinct THANK GOODNESS I did…


The coop soon after Arrives…Shipped all the way from Amish country…It was  such a beautiful site when it finally landed at the top of our hill in our backyard. We were all so excited…

After a long summer of these chicks growing in their brooder box it was time to get them in their new home. Isabelle’s chick decided to fly over the top of the coop without us knowing and was taken in the night…Very sad but things are now on the up and up…More chicks are in our future


I would say if chickens are in your future which I highly recommend you will have fund pets that provide you with FRESH eggs and easier then having cats… Please consider for all your coop and chicken needs. They have so much to offer Customer Service and Quality are why we chose to go with them. You will love everything they have to offer:








 So what are you waiting for? Check them out and see for yourself how amazing this company really is.