Boot Camp!

It’s Saturday usually on this day you relax,run errands, see your kids play sports,shop at the mall the possibilities are endless my plans however consisted of sweating my butt off at Accelerated Fitness bootcamp.  Here is a breakdown of  our workout we did today…

1st Jumping Jacks 30-45 seconds

Push ups  30-45 seconds

Planks 30-45 seconds

Burpees 30-45 seconds

Jump Lunges 30-45 seconds

Jump Squats 30-45 seconds

Side Planks 30-45 seconds

Leg Raises 30-45 seconds

(Kevin likes to add as many sets as he wants you never know how many of each you will do Craziness!)

Then we moved on to a kettlebell circuit, this actually felt good. At first when I started using Kettlebells I cringed and wanted nothing to do with them, now 6 weeks into my program I have to say they are a great workout. Here is what we did…

Kevin (Drill Sergeant) set up a circle of kettlebells all different weights we had to move to a different exercise when he told us to. I can’t tell you how long we did each station  it seemed like forever (Just Kidding).  We did Kettle swings,lunges,squats and windmills…

Then moved back to some Burpees,Curtsey lunges,push ups and so on…

Now came the downward dog, leg stretches,toe touch, cool down is what Kevin calls it…Light at the end of the tunnel is what I call it LOL!

Today was a great day 6 women in the class some have lost a ton of weight and look Fabulous (Amanda) others in good shape one even ran to class (Judy) and myself getting there “Wink”… What I love about going is you are made to feel very comfortable,no competition you go at you own pace…Kevin will tell you to speed it up but if you can’t then you can’t baby steps I tell myself then push myself just a little harder each time…

So next week push out your plans an hour and add this class to your calendar…You will feel amazing and will be so happy you did 🙂

Accelerated Fitness offers a couple of packages for bootcamp:

Military Style 9:30-10:30

Extreme 10:30-11:30

Drop in $20

Buy 6 for $99

Bring in 6 Friends if they sign up for 6 classes your 6 classes will be FREE!

What do you have to lose, try them out you will be hooked after your first time…The best addiction!




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