Accelerated Fitness Update Week 6

Today was a great workout I used a ton of words starting with “F” (Fantastic,Fabulous) “Wink”,But a really good day all in all. My Weigh in was of course nerving…I know I have to go off the scale at the gym which read that I was down 1.5lbs…At home I was down 3lbs what number would you take? Kevin gave me the chance to take the home number but I am going to stick with the gyms (Crazy I know). This was my last week of the 6 week circuit. Starting next week I am learning a whole new program with some of the old things incorporated in because Kevin says they are crucial to getting in shape and losing weight (Burpees and Ropes) They are now my best friends Sorry Ben and Jerry…

So rest for now and head back on Saturday morning for Kevin’s BootCamp…I love everything about Accelerated Fitness!

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