A New Day!

This weekend has been a whirlwind.. Yesterday we celebrated my Husbands Grandmothers life. I have to share some of the things I took from the day. First I was amazed how many people came out to pay there respects. I was truly touched by one women who only knew her a short time while she was in the hospital but took time out on a Saturday to pay her respects. Her comment to me after introductions were how much she Cared for her and loved her as a person. Although I was sad I was able to look at the time I had with This Amazing and Classy women. She taught me so much and so many of her values I will keep close to me. For one, Her homemade Mac and Cheese it blows away any gourmet boutique restaurant. Her smile and love for life would brighten any situation. I love how she taught me that life is short and if the laundry is piled high,Leave it and spend time with family and friends. I of course LOVE that one…

I wanted to share this because it’s puts into perspective our own life. To enjoy everyday,Never take anything for granted. If you have a loved one who is older spend time with them,listen to their life’s stories. I promise you will most likely take something from it and cherish it.
Last but not least. Leave things that don’t matter and love the things that do.
The Most Important Things in Life aren’t THINGS!
I will always remember you Grandma Lane XO

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