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NBC Backyard Makeover Segment

Winners for the Backyard Makeover


CONGRATULATIONS to The Cafazzo Family for winning

the Backyard Makeover and Natalie Young for Winning a

Pizza Oven and Big Green Egg…



Fabulous Picnic Finds



1. XL Blanket Price: $36.99

2. Style Setter Glass 1-gallon Beverage Dispenser Price: $21.99
3. Tivoli Picnic Set Price: $55.99
4. Picnic At Ascot Dorset 4-person with Coffee Set and Blanket Picnic Basket Price: $295.95
5. ‘Luna’ Blue/ Green Geometric Print 12-piece Dinnerware Set Price: $46.99
6. Women’s Betmar Marrakesh 3PC Beach Set Salmon Price: $44.99
7. Cheshire 2-person Picnic Basket Price: $157.50
8. Waverly Button Blooms Confetti 12-piece Dinnerware Set Price: $52.50
9. Malvern Cheese Board Set Price: $54.50
10. Vista Outdoor Blanket Price: $27.99
11. Bocasa Yellow Sunrise Indoor/Outdoor Blanket Price: $53.99
12. Cutting Edge ‘Meadow’ Chevron Melamine 12-piece Dinnerware Set Price: $44.99
13. Red Color Dipped Canvas Wine Tote Price: $28.99
14. Frisbee Golf Starter Set (Pack of 3) Price: $20.99
15. Romance Willow Picnic Set Price: $71.99

Fabulous Sites you must check out…

Who wants chemicals in their products??? I know I don’t, but how do you know the good from the bad? Don’t you find in the ingredients section the words are long and you don’t have a clue as to what half of them are? Well this site will help you break it all down  safe   

Another one to try is an App called Skin Deep you download it to your phone and scan products while you shop it will rate it and let you know if it’s bad or good… LOVE IT!


Living Social we have all heard of it right?  Instead of getting just their email blasts head over to their website and click on FREE COUPONS you can save at Nordstrom and so many more Fabulous shops…


Trueandco  They are the best site for Bras take their fit quiz they will send you 5 bras to try for FREE for 5 days Return the ones you don’t want to purchase with  FREE shipping, pay for only what you keep…LOVE!



World Market  One of my Faves…Best for everything Fabulous…




Companies Featured today On NBC Morning Show CT

PacificLivingInc Pizza Oven



ChristmasTreeShops Outdoor patio sets


EthanAllan Millbrook Garden Bench


BJsWholesaleClub Mixed Accessories




WorldMarket Mixed Accessories


Peerless AV-UV2 Outdoor TV


NYNE Bass Bluetooth Speaker