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Good Food Made Simple!

I received a Box of Goodies the other day, from logo_1  Have you ever heard of them? This was my first introduction and I must say I am so happy they found me. I opened the box to find breakfast burritos,steel cut oatmeal,Mac and Cheese Oh My! Everything looked delish…My family and I tried everything my kids loved the egg white breakfast burritos 3 Varieties burrito-eggwhite-southwestern

My husbands Favorite  is feature-eggwhite-burrito-turkey-sausage

Mine: Steel Cut Maple Oatmeal Oh My Goodness…You will never look at oatmeal again once you try this…oatmeal_maple

Commitment was the word that stuck out when I checked out their website

 They are committed to making Food simple and healthy. Without using any of these:

Nothing Artificial or Chemical Preservatives or Additives

They truly are a Fabulous Find 5 stars…

Tweet if you want to try some of their Fabulous Food  @GFMSimple #EatClean


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