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Beach Finds on BetterCT today 7/13

Lands End

Amazing Beach Towels and Blankets,Bathing Suits and Coverups…Fabulous Find!



The Flip without the Flop…


Maui Jim’s Sunglasses

Polarized Plus lenses a Truly Fabulous Find

Wallaroo UPF+ Scrunchie hat



Kiss My Face

All natural SkinCare

Sea Bags 

Eco Friendly Totes made from Recycled SailBoat Sails…

How Sweet and Simple!



OH My! I just received a package of sweetness. As some of you have read in past posts I have reviewed many chocolates from very delicate and refined to really messy and gooey…The treats I received came from Hershey’s new collection of Simple Pleasures…I dove right into to the Dark Chocolate bag first. I love Hershey’s dark chocolate and always have  a bar hidden in my secret drawer ( In My kitchen shhhhh). When I popped the little round morsel in my mouth the taste was to “die for delish”,the creamy chocolate center the flavor of dark chocolate was oh so  satisfying.

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Baby Shower Entries…CLOSED! NO MORE ENTRIES…





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