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Tips to Organize your Children who knew??? CT Find

Top 10 Tips to Organize Your Children

By Bonnie Joy Dewkett (Blog contributor)

Getting your kids organized is one of the greatest challenges for most families.  However, teaching them early on how to get and stay organized builds the foundation and skills they will need to be successful in life.  The more responsibility they take on themselves, the easier your life will be as a parent.


Kids can do more chores than you think.  Divide their age in half and that is the number of chores appropriate for them to handle.

Determine if you are going to offer a reward for chores completed.  Some families use a chore chart and offer an incentive for a job well done.  However, other families feel that children should help out as part of the household.

If there are chores that no one wants to do, use a fish bowl lottery system.  Write down all of the chores, and drop them in the fish bowl or suitable alternative.  Draw the appropriate number of chores for each family member, and it is their responsibility to complete the ones they draw at random.  This mixes up the chores every week, and no one is stuck doing a chore they don’t like for very long.

If you want to use chore charts, we have a free printable option on our website.  Click here to access:

When you start organizing a kid’s room, the first thing you should do is get down to their eye level.  Seeing what they see can really help you understand their unique challenges.  For example, small kids typically cannot reach adult height closet rods.  Therefore they won’t be able to access their clothes easily, and will have a hard time putting them away.  Also look for things that are just out of reach and may be tempting to climb on furniture and gain access.

Label everything!  If your child is too young to read, have them draw pictures of the items.  This will ensure that they know where things are, and will ensure that things can go back where they came from.

Kids aren’t going to pick up every thing, every day.  Give them a place in their room, or play space to keep items out over night, such as a Lego castle or a puzzle.  However, insist the rest of the room be picked up.

Use containers in colors that you child likes.  This will increase their likelihood of using them.  Also, for younger children, use soft-sided containers in case they trip and fall onto them.

If you child has a ton of collections, like rocks, shells, or coins, purchase jars and small shelves.  Put the collection into the jars and then onto the shelves.  They actually create a cute display, and your child can enjoy them all of the time.

Children are often reluctant to let go of toys and clothing.  When asking your child to make some donations, don’t just ask them what they want to get rid of.  Explain that the toys that they no longer use are going to help another boy or girl that may not have toys of their own to play with.  Rather than making the donation open ended, give them a container, such as a laundry basket, and ask them to fill it.  They won’t feel as though they have to donate all of their toys, and it will go much quicker and easier for all parties involved.

Children’s artwork is a bittersweet thing.  It’s beautiful and can represent a glimpse into the world as seen through a child’s eyes.  It can also be a great indicator of your child’s development.  However, artwork can add up.  Before you know it, artwork can over whelm your counters, refrigerator, and walls.  By implementing the following steps you will make sure your memories are kept in tact, and decrease the clutter.


Before you do anything with a piece of artwork, decide what it means to you.  Is it the best piece your child has ever done or is it just another piece they drew while waiting for dinner at a restaurant?  Be honest with yourself.

Do you have family members that live far away?  Have your child sign pieces of artwork, then write a quick note and send the artwork to friends and family who live far away.  It may sound silly to you because you have dozens of pieces, but to them it may be the only piece they have!

For three-dimensional pieces of art, the easiest thing to do is take a photo of your child with the piece; keep it for a little while, and then dispose of it.  I usually suggest moving it to another area of the house, such as the garage, after a period of time.  If its not missed, you can easily get rid of it.

Use frames that are easily changeable to house artwork.  Job tickets are small plastic sheaths that are designed to house contractor’s paperwork on dirty and wet job sites.  They are inexpensive and easy to hang on your wall.  Papers slip in and out quickly and easily.  Changing artwork is a snap.

Pizza boxes make great artwork storage.  Ask at your local pizza place to give you some unused boxes.  Most restaurants will give them away for free.  You can group artwork by date, child or academic year.

For artwork that is flat, consider scanning it in and storing it digitally.

Take photos of your child with their artwork.  Then you can print them and put them into an album or you can print a digital photo book.  This gives you a printed record of your child’s progress.  Print multiple books and give them to family members.

Set limits with your child on just how many pieces of artwork you will keep.  Stay within these boundaries and it will help them learn to determine which pieces have meaning and which pieces do not.

Combine storage with display.  Use a string and clothespins to display a large number of items in a small amount of space.

Make sure you hold yourself accountable to sit down and sort through artwork.  It will build up as the school year progresses.  Putting a date into your calendar to make those difficult decisions will make sure it gets done and make sure the artwork doesn’t pile up too high.  For the pieces you have determined should be kept and are important, take the time to have them laminated and to protect them in clearly labeled plastic containers.




Resource Box: Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® is an organizing expert, author, and motivational speaker.  Her company, The Joyful Organizer®, creates and implements organizational systems for the home or office.  These changes allow her Customers to create calm from chaos at work and at home. Bonnie has achieved the prestigious designation of Certified Professional Organizer, CPO®, from The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers. She is a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and has published The Joyful Organizer’s Guide to a Joyful Move which is available on her website



A Yummy Food Truck worth trying… CT Treasure…

My Daughter and I were in New Haven Last week at Yale for my daughters doctors apt. I have been talking for a while now to do a Food Truck crawl. Well, my daughter asked if we could find the Grilled Cheese Truck I told her about. One of our favorite foods is grilled cheese and tomato soup,we were talking about in the waiting room and this guy who was working on a study interrupted us and said are you talking about Caseus Truck? I said yes,then asked if he knew where they were parked? After leaving the apt we couldn’t find the guy who spoke with us so I asked my best friend “Suri” where the truck was and York St soon became our destination. My daughter was so excited as was I because I had now made it official that food trucks were in my future as well as hers…

We took a right onto York and there it was parked with a spot waiting just for me. We hopped out of the car so quickly I didn’t even grab my purse which I had to turn around and go back to get.  The truck had a list of all there fabulous items including specials for the day which we didn’t try. We were jonesing for one thing Grilled cheese and their tomato soup which we learned from the guy at the Drs office was out of this world. So we ordered The “Classic” Grilled Cheese which consisted of provolone,swiss,comte,gruyere,gouda and sharp cheddar served on sour dough OMG DELISH! Then came the tomato soup “OH SO GOOD” with a little kick. I loved that the girl working the tuck always had a smile on her face that alone would make me come back. So If you are driving to New Haven or want to take a little venture outside of your town for a little nosh head over to NH and search for the Grilled cheese truck named “Caseus” Check on their website to see where they will be parked or if you have an iphone you too can ask “Suri” where they are parked… Below I have included their menu: ENJOY!



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