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Drum Roll…

Today was the big day first I had to fast to get ready for my weigh in and calculation of body fat etc… Here are my stats thus far…

Start Weight 198  Now 189

Body Fat Mass Start: 41.8% Now 38.2%

My water in my cells and body is up which is a huge plus…

So you ask do I feel better? Unless I win the lottery I wouldn’t know what a million bucks felt like, but I have to tell you, I don’t need to win to know that It feels amazing and I owe it to Kevin and Caryn for  being supportive they are my go to people when things are tough or if I have questions and having the knowledge to help me achieve my future goal is my winning lottery ticket… [Read more…]

Fab Finds in CT… Thursday edition

1. Best Personal Training facility: Accelerated Fitness Cromwell,Glastonbury and Tolland

2. Best Honey: Three Sisters Farms Check out their website

3. Best Doughnuts  Dottie’s Diner Woodbury,CT(203) 263-2545 worth the visit go early though…

4. Great finds/Furniture Salvation Army in Bristol,CT 50% on wednesdays…

5. Best customer service Willowbrook spirit shop Cromwell,CT

6. Best Pizza Flat bread pizza company Canton,CT

Little City Simsbury,CT

7. Hummus: Yummy Hummy surrounding Farmer’s Markets

8. Best Cheese shop (Most Knowledge and customer service) Centerbrook Cheese shop

9. Best place for unique things Vennetucci Home Westbrook,CT and Newport,RI

Gather Ivoryton,CT

10. Best Accessories Chaos,Deep River,CT


More each week…


Have any travel plans? If you do Trina and Modella accessories are the best to use for all your personal toiletries…The Fabulous Finds has teamed up with Trina and Modella and would like to offer some amazing giveaways. The Trina fall 2011 cosmetic accessory line is Fabulous with a retro flair fun styles and colors that make for happy travels.

Allegro, a division of Conair, has unveiled the new Modella 2011 fall/winter collection, which combines fashion and function with a variety of cosmetic and travel accessories in trendy colors and designs, ranging from pink florals and vibrant plaid to wild cheetah prints.

The 2011 fall/winter collection, which retails for between $1.97 and $19.99, features 11 new lines of cosmetic and travel accessories for both girls and guys. Modella can be found at Walmart and Walgreens nationwide.

Trina collection adds a little Luxury without a high price point you can see the fall/winter collection at



(2) Modella Double Bubble 3 piece clutch set

(1) Trina 3 piece Travel Pouch

(1) Modella Bangkok weekender

Leave a comment and tell me what travel plans you have coming up

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Good Luck!

A New Day!

The week has started off to a good start. I have been asking my readers what they want me to showcase more of…The response was pretty clear they want me to showcase more home decor. This truly is one my my passions and one direction I wish I took. I am told I have knack for it but always kept what I do as a hobby and not a career. My aunt has a beautiful knack and travels all over the world to decorate for some amazing people. I must have her gene “smile”…So I have taken in account and listened to your requests and will start showing you some Fab Decor Finds…I just purchased a buffet for $30 and some chairs for $1.25 yes,that’s right $1.25 I will do before and after pics for you… Right now I have them in my garage waiting for my added touch…I can never leave a piece of furniture in their original state.  I also have the reveal of my sunroom coming soon…The contents come from Nate Berkus and I can’t wait to reveal the finished look! So stay tuned for more exciting things from The Fabulous Finds…

Also Week 6 weigh in on Friday!

Looking for some Fabulous Women to join me for a Boot Camp on Oct 1st 9:30-10:30 Contact me for more info…

Jumping up and down!

Week 5 Weigh in…


Yesterday I had a workout from hell Burpees was how I finished and I have to tell you they were so sucky… Who enjoys standing up jumping down until your an inch off the floor  then proceed to jump up (booyah) and do it over and over all while Kevin is telling me to keep going don’t stop UGH my “BA” (Bad Attitude) came out! So after my stomach began settling back to normal I realized that all in all the workout wasn’t that bad…The rest of my day was a big scramble driving here and there…I am a taxi cab for  three kids I am going to start asking for tips from their allowance. This is going to be a long soccer season and we will have to make some  visits to drive thrus…I hate to mention that because I only cook organic, non high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils etc my kids eat really well all in all…

Fast food doesn’t at all fall in that category but when you are in a pinch and have three soccer games in one day and they are all scattered throughout the state it’s my quickest solution to get something in their bellies :(…Yesterday was one of those days and guess what? I would have been the first to order a side of fries but WILL POWER kicked in and the thought of my weigh in Today scared the bajesus out of me so Cod it was when I got home “Smiles”…The wrath of kevin, No Thank You! So my weigh in your probably wondering how I did? I lost 4 lbs this week… I am so excited  I truly have been disciplined, don’t get me wrong I have had a beer here and there and a buffalo wing (Singular)…I want this more than anything and I owe it to Kevin and his patience, Accelerated Fitness is a Fabulous Find, he is my rock for the 45 minutes we are together  and I have to say I don’t want to let him down or me.  We meet 3 times a week and upon my arrival a sheet of paper awaits with a plan for me that focuses on different parts of my body some of the things I love and some NOT so much…Did you know that 7,000 calories is 2 lbs of FAT Craziness! Makes me re-think what I am nibbling on…Caryn  my nutritionist says, if you nibble it banks itself and builds up (Stored Calories)…So I have that instilled in  the back of my mind, I want to withdraw from my bank not add anything to it LOL!

So, all in all a great week…I can’t wait to continue this journey with all of you…

I would love to put together a Saturday Boot Camp with Fabulous Finds readers…If you are interested please let me know and I will plan a date with Kevin because he is the instructor and I have a feeling all of our butts will be kicked that day… “Life is Good”