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Power back on….

OMG I never realized how much I need and use technology on a day to day basis. After losing power for 4 days I thought that this would be a great way to pull out the board games,play in house flash light tag,roast marshmallows on my gas stove.  Well, everything was great for the first night then it went down hill quick. My kids were going through withdrawals from Internet,video games etc. I needed to tweet,add fab finds to my fb page post about my workouts I had to escape and head to my sisters…So I packed up everyone including the dog and off we went to have a little family time. I walked into a house filled with the most amazing smell (Whoopie Pies) were baking in the oven. I thought I was going to have a panic attack I can’t eat one and I thought that even if I smelled them I might gain a pound. Then the pizza order was placed if my life couldn’t get any worse. There is nothing like veggie pie with a Stella & lemon wedge. I was so good though and didn’t cave I told my sister to order me a honking big salad with grilled chicken. [Read more…]

Today I was called “BA” Weigh in week 2

Today ends week 2 and I have to report I lost 3Lbs . I was hoping for a little more but I will take anything as long as it’s a loss.  Kevin called me “BA” today it stands for Bad Attitude because that’s just what I had. My workout consisted of Planks,shoulders,chest,core and two of the exercises I had to use Kettle bells I can’t stand those things the reason for my “BA”.  I also met with Caryn my nutritionist and learned that I can’t eat shrimp or bananas and I need to eat my fruit with a protein, nuts etc who knew. Today was a good day I feel great and I am going to treat myself to a Mani and Pedi. The kids are all with someone and Life couldn’t be better, I get a little me time. Stay tuned more workout news to follow. Have a great weekend please be safe from the storm (Irene)…

The Spa Of Essex a Fabulous Find!

Last week I headed into Essex for much needed R&R and my destination was the The Spa of Essex. I made an appointment to try their Apple Stem Facial by: Sonya Dakar. To start the scene right I have to tell you about the whole experience including my arrival. When I pulled up I couldn’t get over how big the property was. I was so excited to go inside and see all it had tooffer. After entering I was given a wonderful tour by Alexandra she showed me their relaxation rooms that adorn the most comfortable chaise lounges that make you NOT want to get up, They have full amenity kitchen which makes this a great place for  wedding parties, bachelorette,birthday or a girl’s day which I have in the works…The fridge is perfect to chill champagne and wine and any nibbles you bring in. Then we walked out to the Zen garden where you can sit and drink tea, water relax while waiting for your treatment or after your treatment has ended. [Read more…]

Come Join The Local Beet Co-Op

Members and friends, please join us for
Meet at the Beet! 

Thursday August 25th from 6-9pm
for an evening with the Board of Directors, wine, cheese
and conversation focused on our new
Membership Campaign Initiative:

Our challenge:
150 new members by the end of 2011!
Your reward:
10% off groceries for all members during the first three months of 2012!!
All are welcome to this open house event!
Members- bring a friend and help this campaign take root!
Also, come meet and get to know our new store manger,
Jakob comes to us with loads of grocery experience
as the former GM of Colonial Market in Essex.
The Board of Directors is confident that he has what it takes
to make our Co-Op widely successful and launch us into a healthy future!
See you Thursday!!

Accelerated Fitness Weigh in week 1

Friday was weigh in day and I must say I was nervous and excited just to see if there would be a change. I set up video and taped my weigh in as well as some of my workout. On the video I don’t say my weight but I will let you know I Gained 1 lb. I was so upset with myself( My husband told me it took 6 years to put on, it will take awhile to take off Good advice???) I asked over and over again if this is normal? Kevin’s reply, it is and I felt a tiny bit better I mean teeny tiny… Stay tuned for more of my progress, you have all been such a great support thank you!  Remember August is coming to an end soon  check out their specials…ACCELERATED FITNESS Cromwell,CT


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