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OOH La La Starlet

Oh the excitement and twists. From a child star to a twisted sole. This book is sure to please. I loved that it kept me interested from start to finish. I loved Mercy’s Character I guess the fact of how determined and driven she was and how she over came so many obstacles ( she created) Drama always lurked and followed her.



The Oxycontin,Cocaine and Hollywood obsessed Mercy made me want more. I loved reading about the travels she takes and visualizing each place as I turn the page wanting more. I loved Gabrielle and Juliette. their characters made me sympathize with them. Mary McNamara did a great job! The book was well written and she was able to pull all the characters together,I was honored to be part of the review….



Write another so I have something to look forward to.







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Summer Camping Giveaway!





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Move over Patti…

Move over Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker) there’s a new girl in town and she will Rock your world…After meeting Hattie I loved her concept right from the start. Hattie has created a dating service like no other. One with class,creative flair and the pressure compressed by amazing and one of a kind events. I wish her the best of luck with her business and if you are single go to her site The Grace List and sign up…Who knows you could meet Mr or Mrs. Right… More information below..

the~grace~list Takes us Back to the Basics: From Social Media to SOCIALizing

NEW YORK, NY (June 14, 2010) – Living in an era where electronic communication is the main portal used for interaction and fostering new and old relationships, it sometimes leaves those looking for love wondering what happened to old-fashioned courtship? There is no doubt the dating scene has changed dramatically in the last decade, in-person dating often only transpires after a stringent cyber-based prescreening. Consequently, the~grace~list, a membership-based singles events company focused on socializing and in-person interacting, reinstates the value of traditional “back to the basics” dating.

the~grace~list follows the model that the best way to meet someone is through a friend or a referral and with no substitute for face-to-face interaction. It’s nearly impossible to identify a “connection” with someone online. Having realized the need for in-person contact, single New Yorker and Company Founder, Hattie Grace Elliot, decided to go from social media to socializing. In November 2008, she launched Save the Date(ing) – a social networking group for her single friends (and friends of friends), where, unlike online dating, the emphasis was on socializing and meeting people in person at unique monthly events. Save the Date(ing) quickly turned into a full time job for Elliot, and only months after opening its doors in New York, Save the Date(ing) successfully expanded to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Washington D.C., creating its own niche in the overcrowded dating industry. This year the company experienced such dramatic growth that Elliot felt it was time to change the image of the company to reflect the high quality service being provided, as well as its esteemed members, and on June 1st Save the Date(ing) was transformed into the~grace~list.

“After experiencing tremendous expansion across five cities this past year, we decided to rebrand and rename the company the~grace~list, says Elliot. “the~grace~list is a play on my middle name, Grace, and the fact that when forging and maintaining relationships, I believe there is nothing more important than handling oneself with grace and being gracious. We are thrilled with the new name and feel that it wholeheartedly embodies the growth and new found maturity of the brand.”

the~grace~list members gather at monthly events like Architecture Tours, Whisky Tastings, Cooking & Mixology Classes, Pizza Making 101, Paint Your Own Pollock, Squash Clinics, Etiquette Dinners, Sailing Lessons, Surfing Classes, etc, where in a focused and lively setting the singles engage in genuine conversations with equally high caliber individuals who share the same objective. As the membership has grown beyond the~grace~list’s directors’ immediate circles, all perspective members are screened personally by Elliot and the respective regional director to ensure they would be a good fit for the group.

“One reason our events have been so successful is because people know that all attendees have been personally vouched for since our membership has grown organically through friends and personal referrals,” Hattie Grace Elliot explains. This “back to basics” approach minimizes awkwardness and allows singles to mix and mingle comfortably. New members pay a membership fee of $250 in addition to an a la carte fee for each event they attend. All events host a uniform ratio of men to women, evening the playing field.

For more information or to inquire about a membership please visit

June 2010 Holiday Lookbook

June 2010 Holiday Lookbook my interview